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Week 1 - Bears vs. Lions - Shoopster - 09-16-2020

The so-called “Monsters of the Midway” could not even light a match on Sunday. They produced so much wet manure that a flamethrower could not even start a fire.

We sucked. We were just pathetic. Uhhhhh. Talk about *%{% stinking. Man, we played in Detroit. Hello!$:&/&;$$;

Detroit is a Wild West ghost town, and we still could not put on a show for some loyal Lions fans and a few Bears fans.

We are a disgrace. We should start a protest. We need new ownership, just like the Cubs did.

This game was pitiful. No good came out of it. Hub Arkush was glowing. What??/$;$/&$/?/

We need to replace everyone. EVERYONE.

Did the Bears poop in their pants?

Something is wrong. But what?

Ted Phillips? McC? Nagy and his visor?