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What is Geneo?
Geneo India Limited (Schoolnet), previously IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd provides customised learning solutions created to cater to the demands of pupils, teachers, teachers, parents and communities with a view to enhancing learning outcomes and the instructional ecosystem comprehensively.Geneo put the student at the crux of our solutions that enable teachers to provide programmes with an immediate effect on learning and thus groom both members and leaders. 

We consider in ease of alternatives and so rely on creating our alternatives interactive, mobile, immersive, technology-driven and need-based. We operate  as a reliable partner to the Central and State Governments, private colleges, educational institutions and global agencies in their pursuit of enhancing the learning environment and high quality of education.  We employ school direction and supplemental education programmes for corporates below their CSR mandates.  

Our alternatives  reach over 30,000 schools and therefore are advancing learning outcomes of countless students throughout the nation. Approximately 20,000+ computer labs are installed and are being handled on a daily basis. We also have trained over 5,00,000 teachers.  Additionally, our options are used in many institutions of high education, specialised institutes and corporate setups for an assortment of applications.  We've affected 15 million people in 26 countries of India.  We're also within 17 nations of Africa and South Asia where we now provide services in technology-based schooling, skills development, livelihood creation, sustainable agriculture and audience development concentrated on MSMEs.  

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